The roof above your head is your protection against natural forces. It is crucial to install a sturdy and weather resistant roof over your house. Whether you are getting a new roof or repairing an existing roof, you want the best solution.

At TJ Hopkins , we have provided roofing Warrington services for  many years and have provided unmatched customer satisfaction.

New Roofs in Warrington

When building a roof, we follow all the safety and health regulations so that you get a hassle-free roof installation. We erect scaffolding around your property after which we completely remove the old, existing roof. The new roof is then fitted per your preference. We also dispose of all waste. 

Flat Roofing in Warrington

Our roofing Warrington team offers range of flat roofing options for you ranging from fibreglass roofing to three layer mineral systems. We ensure that your flat roofs do not leak or hold water. Delivering a fault free flat roof is our responsibility.

Roofing Repairs in Warrington

Our roofing Warrington team is equipped for any repair work ranging from minor repairs to major refurbishment work. We adhere to every building norm to deliver top quality repair work. And we do it all without disturbing your peace.

Tiling and Slating in Warrington

Before we undertake any project, we discuss in detail, the choice of tile or slate that you prefer. We remove the existing tiles, felt and batons and then will install new breathable felt and fix a new baton to each rafter with a galvanised nail before fixing new tiles or slates. 

Why Choose TJ Hopkins
  • Years of experience in providing roofing Warrington solutions
  • Excellent workmanship and professional service
  • We work with the latest and best brands
  • A range of services to suit all your needs
  • Excellent customer reviews
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Whether you are looking to install a new roof or you are looking to repair your roof in Warrington, our roofing Warrington team is happy to help. Contact us today for a no obligation quote and secure yourself with the most durable and aesthetic roof that your property deserves.

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